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Download and Install the DIONE Software

Go to the DIONE Download page to download the trial version. The trial version has full functionality for analysing any data in CSV, SPSS, Stata or SAS files, including your own, but will process only the first 500 rows of data in the data file.

After installing the trial software, you can upgrade it to the full version by buying a license (press button BUY NOW in the menu above). This will allow you to analyse any amount of data without restrictions. By buying a license you obtain an activation code to enter in the About DIONE dialog of the DIONE software to upgrade it to the full version. You will have to reload any data you had already loaded to access the full data set.

By downloading and installing the software you accept the license agreement.

Fill out the form with at least your first name, last name and email address. I will treat this information strictly confidentially and only use it myself to contact you occasionally in the future about important updates of DIONE.

Button Download DIONE on the form will download the software after pressing Save File here:

The downloaded file DIONEsetup.exe with a size of about 110 MB includes the Java 8 runtime engine, a R-3.5.3 runtime and required R packages.

Most future updates are likely to be much smaller.

Anti-virus software may show a security warning. The reason is that DIONE is a new program and not (yet) well-known. To continue, confirm that you trust DIONE as required by your anti-virus software.

(Double-)click the downloaded file DIONEsetup.exe to install DIONE:

Windows may show a security warning, for example in Windows 10:

The reason is again that DIONE is not yet well-known. To continue, click More info and then Run anyway.

The default installation folder will be something like C:\Users\Jacob\AppData\Local\Programs\Dione Complex Systems\DIONE.

During installation you can change it to any other writable folder, for example C:\bin\DIONE.

The installation folder should now look like this:


Use DIONE for Data Analysis

To get started using DIONE, follow the instructions in the Quick Start Guide.